Current PROJECT - The safecracker

Shooting Details:


Talaya Payne


Jason Sheppard

Executive Producers:

Byron David Shumba

Jason Sheppard

Production Begins April 2018!


 ​​​Ricky Dale Huckabee is one of the best safe crackers on the East Coast. He would never know this fact about himself however, since he has never ventured too far away from his trailer park in rural West Virginia. Dale, as he's known in his circles, has four problems. Problem 1 - He's a bumbling idiot savant with one skill, and one skill only and that is cracking a safe. No matter what make, model, design or security measures within the safe, Dale can crack it. But, he can't do anything else. Problem 2 - Dale loves to party with strippers, drink alcohol and smoke marijuana, and do nothing else. Problem 3 - Dale's mother has just had a massive heart attack and is need of a $600,000.00 heart replacement surgery to sustain her life. The family does not have insurance, nor the money to pay. Problem 4 - Dale must carefully plan a heist with an "Elite Team" consisting of a Cable Guy, a Strip Club Bartender, A Bouncer, a Meth Cook and a psychotic recon marine all the while his bank robber father in federal prison runs the show. Little does anyone know, behind the scenes, there are far more problems. Especially for Ricky Dale Huckabee. Can this walking, living and breathing epitome of "White Trash" pull anything off and save his mother?